The Project


Why invisible talents?


Studies show that learning and participation in later life is crucial for one’s well-being, health and engagement. However, older and very old people who are not used to participating and contributing their voices and views are less likely to participate in activities that require some pro-active involvement. The low-threshold approach of invisible talens supports this difficult-to-reach target group to experience learning, participation and recognition. We are convinced that everybody has something to give – regardless of his or her age.

What do we mean by making talents visible?


We are convinced that it is not always necessary to invent something new in order to implement common learning and engagement opportunities for older people. Sometimes it just needs an awareness raising ‘little push’ and some inspiration to make valuable talents visible and to promote the contributions of very old people to their communities.

Do we – in our work – acknowledge the contributions of older people and if so, in what way? How can we support older people in developing and contributing their talents? The invisible talens partnership will encourage organisations in reflecting these issues and finding innovative answers.

What is invisible talents! about?


The overall objective of the project invisible talens is to support health and social service providers in residential and/or community settings as well as citizens’ initiatives working with very old people in:

  • self-reflecting the status-quo of participation and engagement opportunities in their organisation and
  • developing concrete actions that promote engagement of their target groups and make talents visible.

Who is invisible talents mainly for?


  • Older people who will be supported to re-detect their talents and make them visible.
  • Health and social service providers in residential and/or community settings as well as citizens ́ initiatives working with very old people

How are we going to implement invisible talents?


We develop tools that support organisations to reflect their activities in promoting the active involvement of older people and making their contributions visible. invisible talents partners accompany this reflection process and help organisations to develop concrete activities. An online self-reflecting tool will be available for all organisations interested.

A fact sheet informs about the project, raises awareness for the issue and inspires relevant organisations to join the project. A brochure draws on the experiences of organisations and older people that participate in the project. An E-Presentation provides background information, inspirational examples and practical tools to increase the visibility of older people’s talents in their communities and in organisations.