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Samenkracht 80+

Samenkracht 80+ (Joint strength 80+) is a movement and a platform for participation of people 80+. It aims at recognising, valuing and developing the knowledge and skills of the older generations through group activities and provision of local platforms via which older people can share their wishes and possibilities in the field of possibilities and being meaningful with one another and actively promoting them towards professionals and politics. Dialogue meetings are held where older people (re)discover and shape desires concretely.

Best Practise

Active 80+

The Erasmus+ project (October 2014-September 2016) aimed at  developing and testing a research-based training for care staff and volunteers, enabling them to function as coaches for people at high age:

Foundation GetOud

A non profit Foundation that promotes positive images of older people and ageing as well as connecting young and older people by organising creative and playful projects for and with old and young people:

Kauno Panemunės Socialinės Globos Namai

An example of good practice of how to promote engagement of older and very old people and make talents visible in a residential home in Lithuania is shown in this film. View film on youtube.

Pasta Grannies

A “must see” for all pasta lovers: On their YouTube channel Italian “nonne” teach viewers how to make traditional pasta dishes once a week! Get a taste on their following YouTube channel.

Theatre of generations

Based on real-life experiences and memories of older people, older people living in residential homes and young people (pupils) create individual theatre pieces, dances, songs or texts. Funded by the Carinthian provincial government, supported by local theatre (Neue Bühne Villach). View film (German only).


A neighbourhood centre in Amsterdam with the goal of making the life of people more colourful and to help make dreams come true. This is done through bringing people (including older people) in contact with art, culture, creativity and with one another. Modestraat works to make the everyday more beautiful, caring for a connection between the neighbourhood and creativity through the combined effort of entrepreneurs, volunteers and neighbourhood residents.