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Case study: Grannies on the net

This comparative case study brings together research on social media use, specifically Facebook, in Romania and Canada. The purpose of the study is to investigate how grandmothers communicate with grandchildren who move far away from home. Read more.

“Call each other, do not wait…”

Stichting Bij de Tijd and Caro Bonink (Modestraat, Amsterdam North) asked older adults from the Sweet 70 Community and Dream Factory participants (aged 70-95) how they are doing in times of COVID-19. Have look at the very touching interviews and authentic portrait photos (by Caro Bonink) here.

Corona Photo Challenge at Modestraat

Photographer Caro Bonink started a weekly photo challenge within the community of Modestraat. Supported by Caro´s professional tips and ideas participants between 14 and 91 take on challenges such as „Take a self-portrait in times of corona” or „How does your street look like these days?“. Get inspired by participants´ photo talents here!

An inspiring video from Lithuania!

Just before the lockdown and social distancing, Lithuanian partners from Vytautas Magnus University supported Kaunas University of Third Age to present their participants. In an inspiring video they talk about how important learning and bringing in one´s talents is to them personally.

Graffiti Grandmas

In Portugal “young people over 65 years old” spice up urban space with colorful street art. Participants of the initiative by LATA 65 help to break down both agist and graffiti stereotypes. Have a look at the website and a very inspiring video!

“Altmodisch” – a portrait project

In the line with the motto “Every fold a story – every photo a whole book” Catherine Ebser photographs older women and men. Unimpressed by fashion trends, but with great love for staged photos, the photographer makes the divers personalities and life stories of her models visible. Have a look at the very inspiring photos at Catherine´s website, on Facebook or Instagram.

Unley Legends

The series of short videos – a collaborate project between the age-friendly City of Unley and Resthaven (Australia) – share inspiring stories and perspectives of older people about getting older and remaining positive, active and valued members of their family and community. Enjoy here: Unley Legends Season 1 & Season 2

Older Farmers Calendar

A calendar of older farmers, sponsored by the state of Carinthia and the EU, includes professional photos of seven older men and women (between 80 and 94) as well as statements on their working and life experiences. Have a look here.

Golden Age

Within the “Golden Age” project the Seniors Clubs Vienna have published a photo calendar. The youngest model is in his/her mid-60s, the oldest 80 years old. The models were made up by a make-up artist and body painter who created a suitable motif for each month.


Young@Heart is an entertainment group of seniors ranging in age from 73-92. Some have prior professional theater or music experience, others have performed at amateur level, and some have no experience whatsoever. They are particularly noted for their unconventional covers of rock, punk, and other modern pop music songs. Please have a look at the very touching, funny and impressing trailer.

Project Zenna

Project Zenna is a running project that offers free professional photo shoots to people over the age of 70. Professional photographers organise these photo shoots throughout the Netherlands and these photos are exhibited in various exhibitions. See more here.

Blessing of Ageing

This very touching short film on life in a retirement home shows unforgettable faces, inspiring words and snapshots of lives being lived to the full until the very end.

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