Inspiring Resources

Order Farmers Calendar

A calendar of older farmers, sponsored by the state of Carinthia and the EU, includes professional photos of seven older men and women (between 80 and 94) as well as statements on their working and life experiences. Have a look here.


Young@Heart is an entertainment group of seniors ranging in age from 73-92. Some have prior professional theater or music experience, others have performed at amateur level, and some have no experience whatsoever. They are particularly noted for their unconventional covers of rock, punk, and other modern pop music songs. Please have a look at the very touching, funny and impressing trailer.

Project Zenna

Project Zenna is a running project that offers free professional photo shoots to people over the age of 70. Professional photographers organise these photo shoots throughout the Netherlands and these photos are exhibited in various exhibitions. See more here.

Blessing of Ageing

This very touching short film on life in a retirement home shows unforgettable faces, inspiring words and snapshots of lives being lived to the full until the very end.

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